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Chiropractor Mill Valley CA Seraphina Freund

Chiropractor, Clinic Director

Dr. Seraphina Freund D.C.

A former software engineer and project manager, Dr. Seraphina left high tech in the pursuit of a career in the healthcare field. She studied eagerly to develop her understanding of the human body, leaning strongly on her analytical skills and preference for objective measures.

It is her warm heart, though, that endeavors to help people heal using alternative health practices. Using her varied skillsets as a chiropractor, yoga instructor, holistic health counselor, analyst, mother, and nurturer she aims to impact her community by shifting the way the community thinks about health and will inspire people to be engaged, proactive participants in the maintenance of their health.

Coming from a family of software engineers, Dr. Seraphina graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in computer science. She worked for Microsoft in Seattle and startups in the Bay Area before realizing her strengths would take her out of the cubicle and beyond. After spending years in Russia raising her daughter and perfecting her recipe for borscht, Dr. Seraphina returned to the United States ready to engage her entire being in a professional pursuit that would not only be in alignment with her deep sense of purpose, but also the opportunity to impact her community. Chiropractic called to Dr. Seraphina through her reverence of the body and its innate healing capacity, curiosity of shapes and alignment through yoga, and desire to nurture and support her community. Chiropractic has given her a container within which to use her natural talents to help improve the health and lives of those around her. She is honored to serve you.

Chiropractor Mill Valley CA Paul Wehrman


Dr. Paul Wehrman, D.C.

A lifelong mover and athlete, I have always felt most aligned and at home from a tactile place of embodiment (in-body-ment). An unprecedented, unimagined, and powerful psychosomatic healing experience I had while receiving a massage in undergrad sparked my immediate curiosity into the healing potentials and capacities inherent to the body (i.e., each of us).

I realized in that moment that not only is the body capable of storing and holding onto experience and trauma, but it is also capable of healing and integrating its experience, and is designed, in fact, to accomplish just that. That experience changed my life, inspired me, and set me on my current course as a chiropractor and somanaut.

My interest in pursuing somatic healing modalities led me to have a 2 year residency at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, where I was able to immerse in studies of massage and bodywork, yoga, and Gestalt psychotherapy, while living in vibrant community on the majestic Pacific coast. Ultimately, I worked on the massage crew for the Healing Arts dept at Esalen, and taught yoga and massage workshops there over the course of a decade.

Having recently relocated with my family to Marin from Santa Barbara, I bring 17 years of hands-on experience and teaching to my practice. I love working with people; educating and reconnecting individuals with their innate intelligence and inborn capacity to heal. I practice the Gonstead technique, and its utilization of objective measures in analysis, as well as it’s overriding recognition of, and respect for, the integrity inherent to each individual and individual system. There is no ‘one size fits all’ to this approach, and the work, and its application is specific to the needs of each on an individual basis.

Working collaboratively with Seraphina in her thriving practice is a dream come true for me, and one we envisioned and spoke of often while in school together at Life Chiropractic College West. I’m so excited for the opportunity to be here and participate in, and contribute to, the community.

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