Our Method in Mill Valley CA

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We utilize the Gonstead method of chiropractic in Mill Valley CA - a highly analytical and scientific approach to full spine care. Our patients range from infants and children through all stages of adulthood, including pregnancy. We focus on helping you regain your health and vitality, naturally. We address pain you may have and aim to get you immediate relief, and we are most concerned with correcting the cause of the problem. As your spinal joints align and begin to heal, you may notice other health conditions improving along with a reduction in the initial pain or discomfort.

Our Process in Mill Valley CA

The health of your spine is determined by the health of the vertebral joints. Each set of vertebrae move based on their alignment with each other as well as the health of the disc between them. Our spinal analysis utilizes visualization, touch, and motion-palpation in conjunction with instrumentation and x-ray imagery to assess the health of your spine and determine a specific plan of corrective care that is unique to you. This detailed process allows for a comprehensive, specific, and proactive approach to your health. We aim for our adjustments to be both comfortable and corrective; having a variety of equipment to best serve you and meet your needs and preferences. Our goal is lasting change - supporting your body in its optimal expression of intrinsic health.

Our Why

Your spine is incredible. It serves to protect the spinal cord - the information super highway of your entire body - while also allowing for movement. Each vertebra, or bone, couples with the one above it and the one below it to form a joint. The structure between the two joints is called the intervertebral disc. The integrity and health of this disc affects the overall expression of the spine, allowing for movement and flexibility. When the joint becomes misaligned, or sprained, it becomes inflamed. As such, it restricts movement and impacts the nerves traveling through the joint. Approximately just 10% of nerves carry sensation such as pain, while the remaining 90% provide all other body functions. It is likely that if you are feeling pain, there is also a change in how your body is functioning. The chiropractic adjustment restores function to the spine and reduces inflammation at the disc level; reducing nerve pressure and supporting full mobility.

Akin to having your teeth regularly inspected and cleaned, it is equally important, if not more, to have your spine examined in service to your spinal hygiene.

Our History

Dr. Clarence Gonstead’s approach to chiropractic was revolutionary for his time, changing the understanding of the cause of spinal dysfunction. His focus drew attention to the health of the intervertebral discs rather than the bones themselves. Dr. Gonstead’s philosophy placed the centering of the vertebrae onto the disc below as the objective of care; restoring optimal function to the joint. His technique expanded chiropractic through the utilization of x-ray imaging and instrumentation in conjunction to objectively analyze the spine, while remaining true to the founding principles of chiropractic. His fifty-five years of continuous practice resulted in the most scientifically sound and effective method of spinal analysis available. Through his legacy the Gonstead method remains the standard of excellence in the chiropractic profession. At Intrinsic Health Chiropractic we seek to replicate his methodology and endeavor to benefit our community with the rewards of health from within.

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